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Rainbow Kids understands the importance of a guiding force at the critical stage of a toddler. We, therefore, recruit the best teaching and staff professionals for the little angels. The teachers undergo extensive training to become well-equipped to handle a little child and provide holistic growth and development experience at the preschool

A teacher profile at Rainbow Kids
“I am passionate and committed to providing quality education to my little pupuils and helping them grow and develop in a loving and nurturing environment. I will enact as the guiding light for your child, scaffolding learning experiences through fun experiences and helping them to grow at their own pace. I will ensure your child develops into a caring and responsible individual.”

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The teaching staff recognizes and nurtures the individualistic needs of the children.

We take education seriously and provide quality experience to kids to enrich their knowledge and build their creativity.

The teaching staff recognizes and nurtures the individualistic needs of the children.

We maintain a ratio of 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, and 1:7 for your baby, toddler, nursery/ pre-foundation, and foundation classes, respectively.

They ensure the toddler grows in an environment where they feel loved and included.

We have play-based learning approaches to help them gain wisdom and bloom into distinct individuals in the future.

In addition, Our Jumeirah branch also offers:

Dedicated Baby Block

Cookery and music room

Sensory room

14 m swimming pool

Separate soft play for babies

Indoor climbing wall